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The Canadian Firearms Safety Course and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course are administered by the office of the Chief Firearms Officer (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) of the province in which they are taught. These courses are taught by certified independent contractors who are not necessarily otherwise associated to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Rick Skolrood is a firearms instructor with nearly 46 years experience with firearms. He is an active member of law enforcement and competes in various shooting sports.

Mission & Values

BC Firearms Training is dedicated to training citizens to the highest standards in firearms safety, firearm's laws, firearm owner's moral responsibilities, and the proficient use of firearms.

Every firearms owner in Canada has a moral responsibly to know how to safely and proficiently handle a gun. The misuse of firearms can not only result in death or grievous bodily harm, but will also give firearm's opponents ammunition to push for tougher restrictions on law abiding gun owners. Keep firearms away from unsupervised children, immature people, and criminals. Protect your right of gun ownership by responsible use and knowledge of all applicable laws and regulations. 

BC Firearms Training

The next courses are being offered in early March 2018. The schedule will be updated when dates are confirmed. Keep your eyes on the Bella Cool Bulletin Board for posts by Robyn Willis.