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The Canadian Firearms Safety Course Student Handbook

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Please note that the restricted handbook and the non-restricted handbook have now been incorporated into one document. You need only download it once.

The Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course, or CRFSC, is the second of the mandatory courses one requires in order to obtain a Restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence, or Restricted PAL. The prerequisite for the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course is having successfully completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

The CRFSC will usually be held on a Sunday (other arrangements can be made). This allows candidates who have enrolled in both the CFSC and the CRFSC to complete both courses in one weekend. It is strongly encouraged that both courses be taken together as much of the material from the CFSC overlaps into the CRFSC. The course candidate will write a written test followed by a practical demonstration of the skills they have learned using real (deactivated) restricted firearms.

Additional training is encouraged for firearms users who wish more than the basics. BC Firearms Training (AKA Skolrood Firearms) can assist the student in finding the right course for them or arranging one on one training.

Should a candidate fail either of the examinations they are required by law to re-attend on a different date to re-test. An additional re-testing fee will apply. It is strongly encouraged that the course candidate read the manual at least twice prior to the course.

To register for this course, or for any other inquires, please click on the "Contact" button below. Once you are enrolled in the course a personal meeting will be arranged where payment will be accepted, or you can opt to receive a PayPal invoice, or pay immediately via the PayPal button when you have received confirmation of enrollment. Paying via PayPal gives you the option of using a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. E-mail electronic transfer payments are preferred.

Cost of Course $150.00  ($5.00 PayPal processing if using PayPal or Credit Card - total $150.00)

The going cost of this course in the Lower Mainland is  $169.00 plus tax, or $189.28. The benefit of taking the class here is the instructor was professionally trained by the Government of Canada and he teaches part time, keeping his costs below the threshold required for collecting and paying GST. The price shown is the price paid.