Specific Pistol Course:

Choose between a Buckmark, Glock, 1911, S&W 645, CZ75, Beretta, or Tokarev for a  range course covering firing and handling of one of the above pistols.

This is an excellent way to:

  • handle a pistol you are thinking of buying
  • getting practice in on a specific pistol before making the purchase

Specially Tailored Courses, Such As:

Legal and moral considerations


Competition skills in various platforms

  • AR15
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Multi-gun
  • SASS
  • IPSC
  • IDPA

The Cowboy/Cowgirl Course:

While this course is not officially associated to any form of competition, this course will cover shooting single action revolvers, a side by side shotgun and a lever action in a competition stage type situation.

This is an excellent way to:

  • decide if "Cowboy Action" shooting is for you
  • learn to transition between shooting platforms

These courses are designed for the person who has their PAL:

  • Wants some range time before their first purchase
  • Wants to decide on a new purchase of a specific firearm
  • Wants an introduction to various shooting activities
  • Wants to develop skills by learning the drills and techniques of professional shooters

These course are tailored to the individual and there is a limit of three students per class.

Cost may vary but will usually be $255.00 plus cost of ammunition per student.

Pistol Course:

This course offers range time firing and handling  a variety of pistols (Buckmark, Glock, 1911, Double/Single Action).

This is an excellent way to:

  • become familiar with shooting
  • to decide on the pistol which is right for you​

Skills, Drills & Holster Course:

Many ranges do not allow the use of holsters by anyone who cannot show some sort of training in the use of holsters. This course will have the student drawing safely to a firing position and engaging in various developmental skills on static targets.

This course will:

  • get the student ready for their black badge course
  • help develop skills in advance of attending a law enforcement academy
  • introduce the student to various competition styles

The student can and is encouraged to bring his/her own firearm and holster to this course, if they have one.

Lever Action Course:

This course offers range time with a lever action rifle. These are some of the coolest rifles ever made and are classics.

This is an excellent way to:

  • learn the fundamentals of shooting rifles
  • learn the lever action platform
  • decide if a lever action is right for you

After getting your Firearms Licence, then what?

What are you going to buy?

Can you actually handle a firearm safely?

Double Action Revolver Course:

This course offers range time firing and handling a .38 Special/.357 Magnum and a .44 Special/.44 Magnum.

This is an excellent way to:

  • become familiar with shooting a revolver
  • decided if a revolver is right for you
  • discover the power of this platform

Black Powder Course:

This course offers range time firing and handling black powder firearms

The student will be exposed to:

  • a musket rifle
  • a muzzle loading pistol
  • a cap and ball revolver

Shotgun Course:

This course gives the student range time exposure to the most versatile firearms platform ever developed.

The student will:

  • shoot a pump action shotgun
  • shoot a side by side double barrel shotgun
  • shoot clay pigeons - flying clay targets

The .22 Course:

Who doesn't love a .22? This is the most popular caliber of all time and the most purchased of all calibers in terms of ammunition and firearms. And for good reason. They have low recoil, are cheap to shoot, are accurate, and are extremely useful for hunting many small game.

This course is recommended as the first course for the novice shooter. It allows the student to shoot a lot for a very little. 

This course is perfect for:

  • someone who has never shot before
  • someone who just wants to plink
  • anyone at all
BC Firearms Training

Single Action Revolver Course:

Its been said, "God made men, Colonel Colt made them equal!"

This course gives the student exposure to the coolest of the cool guns, the Colt 1873 Single Action Army and the Schofield top break. Anyone who loves old western movies, Gun Smoke, and cowboys in general; this course is for you.

In this course you will fire and handle authentic replicas of these timeless classics on the range.

This is an excellent way to:

  • become familiar with shooting a single action revolver
  • shoot historic firearms
  • bring out your inner cowboy/cowgirl 

All courses include extensive safety instruction, instruction on maintenance, and most importantly, 


This is not an exhaustive list of the training available and specific courses and training can be tailored to the individual.

The instructor will only teach students who are moral and intend to use firearms in a lawful and safe manner.

The instructor reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason without explanation should he feel the training is inappropriate or will lead to the dangerous, immoral, or unlawful use of firearms.

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